At Simpson & Associates, our main objective is to defend the rights of homeowners facing foreclosure. As foreclosure defense attorneys, we are experts in every angle, detail and situation that can be found in a foreclosure case. We fight for homeowners to be given opportunities from the bank that they deserve and are legally entitled to.

Hiring us to defend the foreclosure case allows the homeowner and their family time to collect themselves regardless of the desired outcome. Without proper representation in a foreclosure case, a summary judgment will be entered almost immediately. A summary judgment is a necessary step taken by the lender towards the ultimate goal of taking possession of the home. Once the lender follows through with all the necessary actions, the homeowner will soon be left without a home and owing the balance of the mortgage (deficiency) to the bank.

Foreclosure defense has many benefits:

  • Continue to live in your home during the foreclosure case
  • Continue to collect rent from investment properties during the foreclosure case
  • Avoid a deficiency judgement on an underwater property
  • Settle with the bank on better terms
  • A good loan modification that brings the principal balance to the market value of your home

At Simpson & Associates, we launch a comprehensive plan to thoroughly investigate your foreclosure case and establish a thorough foreclosure defense plan. During our research we evaluate and expose the weaknesses in the Lender’s case and defend the homeowner who was not been fairly represented.

In the State of Florida, the danger isn’t only in losing your home, but in getting hit with a judgment for the remaining balance. Lenders may obtain a “deficiency judgment” for the balance remaining on the mortgage following the sale of the foreclosed home. With a seasoned Foreclosure Defense Attorney by your side you can prevent having a deficiency judgement filed against you for the remainder of your mortgage balance.

We have over 15 years successfully defending foreclosure actions in Florida. Our law office empowers homeowners with the knowledge, tools and experience necessary to fight and win their foreclosure defense case. Our attorneys are ready to go to court for you and fight to stop your foreclosure.