How to Sell Hard to Sell Homes

Have you ever heard of an “unsellable home”? There’s no such thing… when a home doesn’t sell it can normally be tracked back to a simple mistake (or two) that could have been easily avoided.

The common myth that some people may want you to believe is that the price is the reason why a home isn’t selling. Of course, you could sell any home if you gave it away but that’s not the point here. The point is “the price” normally is NOT the reason that homes don’t sell.

I meet homeowners every day who have had someone give them bad advice and try to convince them that “you just need to drop the price and your home will sell”… I’m tired of people thinking that dropping the price is the only way to sell a hard to sell home. This is such a common issue that I provide a book about how to solve it!

The book, Formula to Selling ANY Home, reveals how to get hard to sell homes sold for top dollar fast. My goal with this book is to give you the information you need to look at the problems first and the price last.

Of course, at times, when all of the problems that have caused a home not to sell have been fixed, a price adjustment may be needed, if the home is still not moving. But the price is NOT what I start with, unless everything else is perfect (which rarely happens).

In this book, It talks a lot about the best pricing strategies because so many people blame the price for a home not selling. It has an entire section that breaks down the best pricing strategies so that you can check it against what you have been doing to get your home sold.

To see why your home hasn’t sold and to learn how to fix it please claim a copy of my free book. I guarantee that you will find it full of valuable strategies for getting your home sold for more money faster.

Here’s what you will learn in this book…

Part 1: Pricing and Selling

  • Does the Listing Price Matter?
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid That Stop Homes From Selling
  • Case Studies of Homes I Sold that Other Agents Couldn’t Sell
  • Why it’s So Easy to Sell Your Home for Less Than It Is Worth (you don’t want to do this!)
  • What Stops “Perfect Homes” From Selling

Part 2: Strategies and Tips

  • How To Sell A Home That Didn’t Sell… Without Dropping the Price
  • Avoid this Rule at Your Own Risk
  • Why This 20% Rule Matters to to Hard Tto Sell Homes
  • Why Buyers Skipped Your Home
  • Luxury Home Seller Strategy Sells Homes for 15% More Money
  • Why Making Your Home Shine Matters
  • Disregarding Details Causes Buyers To Pass On Your Home
  • How Buyers Pick What Homes to Preview

Part 3: Selling Your Home Faster

  • Why the Pictures of Your Home Can Stop It From Selling
  • The 3 Step Formula I Use To Sell Homes Other Agents Can’t Sell
  • Why Every Trump Home Sells
  • Negotiation Musts
  • Simple Negotiation Strategies That Work (almost) Every Time
  • Why Your Dog Would Hire Me to Sell Your Home

Part 4: Home Seller Resources

  • A Big Mistake that Cost Aa Seller $36,000
  • Read This Before You Sign a Contract With a Buyer
  • How to Find Out Exactly How Much Money You Will Receive on Your Sale
  • Should You Consider Hiring a Realtor?

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