Sell your Expired Home

Why do some homes seem to never sell?

There are a lot of reasons, but each one of them can be solved with the right tools and methods. Yes the price is the first thing to look at, but many times it’s the other variables that make the biggest difference.

Do not simply drop the price in an effort to get it off the market. This book is going to walk you through how to market it better (online, with MLS and improve on your showings), signs that your agent is hurting the process and even the best negotiating strategies.

Just because it could be an extended situation, where the house has been sitting on the market, do not resort to drastically lower prices to sell.

Get a copy of this free book and I guarantee that you will find it full of valuable strategies for getting your home sold for more money faster.

Here’s what you will learn in this book…

Part 1: Failure in Real Estate

  • Does the Listing Price Matter?
  • Challenges of poor agents
  • Signs to realize you have a poor agent
  • Real estate horror stories
  • Market Failures
  • Pricing Your Home
  • Other Mistakes

Part 2: Solutions to Sell

  • Finding the best agent
  • Dealing with the Market
  • Advertising tips
  • Why never to take it off the market
  • Showing and curb appeal
  • Negotiating tips
  • Showings

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